2nd Tunisian BONEX workshop in Monastir

2nd Tunisian BONEX workshop in Monastir

2nd Tunisian BONEX workshop in Monastir

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The second Tunisian BONEX workshop titled “Advanced Evaluation of the WEFE Nexus Interventions Under Use of Reclaimed Water in Ouardanine” took place on Thursday January 25, 2024, at the Hôtel Hôtel Magic Life Family Skanes, in Monastir. The venue was selcted based on its proximity of most of the local and regional stakeholders. The working languages were mostly Arabic and French.

After the registration of participants, the workshop started with the opening and welcoming words of Prof. Zouhaier Nasr, the Director General of INRGREF and Ms. Farida Joumade Mansouri, the Regional Director of the CRDA of Monastir; The Governor of Monastir was expected to join the opening session as well for the welcome speech.

In total, 55 participants contributed to the participatory workshop with 38% of women. Participants were mainly regional and local (73% for both) representing the RWG members who participated in the first workshop. Third participants were invited, mainly associations, to benefit from the experience and spread the word. Participants of the workshop were belonging to 16 organizations. They can be categorized as follows:

  • National as BONEX partners: INRGREF, Smartlogger
  • Regional and local policy-makers: Governorate of Monastir, CGDR Monastir, CRDA Monastir.
  • Local stakeholders: GDA Ouardanine (Water Users’ Associaton), farmers from the area of Ouardanine and Regional Union of Farmers (URAP Monastir)
  • Administration, technical departments, and agencies: AFA, ANPE, INSSPA, and ONAS Monastir


The agenda was split into 3 sessions to stick to the objectives and guidelines of the workshop. Indeed, the first session’s presentations were shared between Dr. Olfa Mahjoub and Dr. Abir Ben Slimane for the introduction of the results of the 1st workshop (Ecosystem analysis and institutional aspects), the methodology of the second workshop, the intervention of BONEX and the presentation and validation of the final CLD results.

For the working group sessions, members of the 2 subgroups were identified beforehand based on the number of representatives from each organization, gender balance, WEFE coverage with pre-assigned moderators and rapporteurs from the Steering Committee (Mr. Nabil Majdoub, Mr. Sabri Regaieg). Facilitators were members of BONEX research team (Prof. Abdellaziz Zairi, Dr. Abir Ben Slimane, Dr. Hacib Amami, and Dr. Olfa Mahjoub). Reporting and note taking was assured by BONEX team members i.e., Ms. Ibtihel Mhamdi, and Ms. Syrine Jemaa.

The workshop was advertised on LinkedIn before taking place and dissemination materials were prepared (notebooks, pens, folders, pins) and distributed.

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