Boosting Nexus
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in the Mediterranean

BONEX starts with its Kick Off Meeting in Málaga

BONEX starts with its Kick Off Meeting in Málaga

BONEX starts with its Kick Off Meeting in Málaga

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BONEX project was launched in our kick off meeting held on 18th and 19th of May 2022. Our consortium of 16 partners gathered in Malaga to discuss how to implement WEFE Nexus approach in the Mediterranean. It was an excitement moment to meet in person, especially after the concentration of virtual meetings during the pandemic.

The consortium organizations came from from 8 different countries, namely, Spain, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia. Discussions were intense and encouraging because the challenge is huge. There is abundant literature about WEFE Nexus and very interesting research in the last years. The WEFE Nexus concept implies that Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems (WEFE) are no longer considered as separate or isolated topics but rather interconnected components of a complex system. However, previous research has been more focused on the theoretical concept but tools to support Nexus implementation in practice are still in early phases of development.

This is indeed the main objective of BONEX project, we aim to provide practical and adapted tools that facilitate WEFe Nexus practical implementation. The resulted BONEX tool-box shall enable to examine concrete and context-adapted technological innovations, enhance policies and governance in order to balance the social, economic, and ecological trade-offs under the umbrella of the WEFE Nexus

Within BONEX, we will produce a novel, robust, transdisciplinary, and diagnostic WEFe Bridging Framework (named WEFeF) to serve the production of context-specific Nexus Bridging Plans (NBPs).  WEFeF will be implemented and validated in 7 Demonstration Projects (DPs) in the Mediterranean. These results will support governments to diagnose and benchmark governance and technology interventions addressing the WEFe Nexus.

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