2nd Portuguese BONEX workshop in Évora

2nd Portuguese BONEX workshop in Évora

2nd Portuguese BONEX workshop in Évora

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The second Portuguese workshop for the BONEX project took place on January 19th at the CARMIM Cooperative in Reguengos de Monsaraz, Évora. The workshop had 45 participants, mainly from wine, olive, and nut farms, as well as some farmers’ associations from Alentejo and public institutions related to the region.

The aim of the 2nd workshop was to identify the main solutions to the problems identified for the WEFE nexus in the Alentejo region affected by the Alqueva dam, with a special focus on NBS. In addition, the barriers and facilitating factors for the implementation of the solutions were identified, as well as the impacts of these solutions on ecosystem services, which were identified in the first workshop.

The workshop started with a short presentation of the BONEX framework by Professor Paula Antunes. Nuno Oliveira, CEO and Management Partner at the consultancy start-up NBI  (Natural Business Intelligence), provided a brief explanation of the benefits and applications of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) within BONEX. It was also discussed the challenges encountered during their implementation.

Finaly, before starting the exercises with the stakeholders, Dr Rita Lopes presented the Casual Loop Diagram from the first workshop, previously screened by the NOVA FCT team, to validate with the participants.

This session was significant as it brought together the expertise of stakeholders and academia to create a significant impact on the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus in Alentejo.

Elements of the NOVA FCT/CENSE team in BONEX present in the workshop: Paula Antunes, Nuno Videira, Rita Lopes, Irene Pérez Ramírez and Jessica Loureiro.

Elements of the NBI team in BONEX present in the workshop: Nuno de Oliveira, Rita Soares and Ivo Rosa.

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