Applications for the PRIMA WEFE Nexus Award are open!

Applications for the PRIMA WEFE Nexus Award are open!

Applications for the PRIMA WEFE Nexus Award are open!

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You are a researcher, practitioner or member of a research team and you are working on solutions that integrate water, energy, food and the ecosystem? These solutions have been implemented and have caught the attention of potential users?

Seize the opportunity offered by PRIMA and participate in the WEFE Nexus Award (deadline for submission: 22May – 17h00 CET).

This year, PRIMA launches the 3rd edition of its flagship initiative to reward the research teams working on concrete solutions to current global challenges.


Why a WEFE Nexus Prize?

Water, food and energy represent the three vertices of an inseparable triangle for life and human development in which synergies flow, but in which tensions are also increasing. However, these key sectors have historically been managed independently from each other in the Mediterranean region, with limited considerations of cross-sectoral interactions.

It is crucial to link these sectors together and to create a path interconnecting Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystem, developing potential synergies between the main actors of the Nexus and working together.

The WEFE Nexus Award shines a light on the WEFE Nexus solutions developed by researchers, with potential for replicability in the region and thus recognizes the outstanding teams of researchers and practitioners that have used their results to demonstrate the wider socio-economic benefits of their proposed practices through a WEFE Nexus approach in the Mediterranean region.

It is expected that the award, through showcasing best practices, will create role models for the adoption and replication of WEFE integrated approach in the Mediterranean Region.

What are the Award criteria?

The prize will be awarded to the entry that best addresses the following cumulative criteria:

1. From results to societal benefits –demonstrate the wider socio-economic benefits of their proposed practices going beyond a fragmented system of sectors and players;

2. Uptake of solutions – demonstrate that they have directly exploited their proposed solutions or have played an active role in the uptake of the results by third parties, in particular influencing policy change;

3. Replicability of solutions- demonstrate the replication and upscaling potential of the proposed Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus solutions;

Who can apply?

  • The contest is open to all legal entities (i.e. natural or legal persons, including international organizations) or groups of legal entities
  • The contestants for the PRIMA prizes should be at least one legal entity established in a PRIMA Participating States
  • The demonstrated practices must be implemented in the Mediterranean Region.

Read more about the exclusion criteria in the following document (see here).

How to apply?

Please read the Rules of Contest (see here) and download all the mandatory supporting documents available here:

Joint applications by a group of participants are admitted. In this case, the participants must appoint a ‘lead participant’ to represent them towards PRIMA. The participants will be jointly responsible and must all fulfil and respect the conditions set out in these Rules of Contest.

Applications must be submitted by the (lead) participant via the, following the indications provided on the Rules of Contest.

What is the Prize?

Every year, 2 winners are rewarded with a prize of 10,000€. The PRIMA WEFE Nexus Award will also provide the winner of each of the two Prizes with high visibility in the form of public interest and increased media coverage.

The prizes are monetary and each of the two winners will receive
EUR 10 000.

Do not miss the deadline

Closing date for submission: 22 May 2023 at 17:00:00 CET1

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