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BONEX at the FONCIMED Network in Portugal

BONEX at the FONCIMED Network in Portugal

BONEX at the FONCIMED Network in Portugal

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From 26 to 28 October 2022, the 13th International Seminar of the FONCIMED network took place at the Colégio do Espirito Santo of the University of Évora, Portugal. Nora Schütze, University of Kassel, Germany, attended the conference to represent the Bonex project. The FONCIMED network brings together interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners from the Mediterranean, such as Portugal, Algeria, Spain, Egypt, France, Greece, Tunisia, or Turkey, working on questions related to land, land governance and natural resource use. The biennial conference of the network was held under the theme of “Agricultural uses of water and intensification of production systems: what impacts on land resources?”, addressing highly relevant WEFE nexus issues in the Mediterranean. The conference included two days of presentations, as well as a field trip to Alentejo region to discuss the challenges of irrigated agriculture, and how to deal with the increasing competition for water between industry, tourism and agriculture. Several researchers from other PRIMA-funded projects attended the conference, providing a good opportunity to meet researchers working on related topics.

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