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BONEX at the international Ecomondo fair

BONEX at the international Ecomondo fair

BONEX at the international Ecomondo fair

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On November 7th, our coordinator from BIOAZULRafael Casielles presented the BONEX project during the international event Ecomondo held in the Italian city of Rimini. The presentation took place in a prominent session dedicated to water technology projects organized by Water Europe, JRC, the European Commission, and the Polytechnic University of Ancona.

BONEX was introduced as one of the two projects that received funding from the PRIMA Foundation, the partnership for technological cooperation in the Mediterranean, highlighting the support and recognition of this prestigious organization in driving transformative initiatives.

Rafael Casielles explained in detail the case study of Axarquía, a region in southern Spain that is particularly affected by the current climate crisis. The La Viñuela reservoir, the main water supply source for the region, is below 10% of its capacity. The citizens and farmers of Axarquía have been experiencing water shortages through cuts and restrictions for months. Reclaimed water has become a necessary resource to compensate for the water deficit. However, its implementation requires tailored solutions, specific knowledge, and collaboration among various territorial stakeholders. In the BONEX project, a tool is being developed for nutrient management in irrigation with reclaimed water, and its transfer to farmers in the region. Meetings and encounters with the involved stakeholders are also being organized to identify barriers, risks, and opportunities and promote coordinated action to maximize the use of all available water resources.

Rafael also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to present BONEX on such a prominent stage, emphasizing the key role these initiatives play in building a more sustainable and resilient future. The presentation at Ecomondo not only underscores the importance of BONEX in the international context but also highlights the successful collaboration between entities on both sides of the Mediterranean. The PRIMA Foundation, in turn, demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainability in addressing challenges related to water resource management.

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