BONEX participates at the PRIMA Projects Day in Barcelona

BONEX participates at the PRIMA Projects Day in Barcelona

BONEX participates at the PRIMA Projects Day in Barcelona

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PRIMA, the Partnership for Research & Innovation in the Mediterranean, organized the PRIMA Projects Day in Sitges (Barcelona) on November 21st 2023. This event was a comprehensive, in-person gathering centered around PRIMA projects. There it convened coordinators from diverse countries with a two-fold objective:

  • To foster networking and cultivate synergies among participants, while reinforcing collaboration between the Mediterranean’s two shores.
  • To offer valuable insights into crucial project-related facets and provide an opportunity to engage with the PRIMA Secretariat team and National Funding Agencies, creating a platform for discussions on pertinent project implementation matters, as well as the exchange of innovative ideas.

BONEX was one of the projects that participated together with a large list of others initiatives focused on topics such as WEFE Nexus, farming systems, agrifood value chain or water management. This list of project was formed by SUPROMED, SIMTAP, PulpIng, PHEMAC, StopMedWaste, PHEMAC, GreenDriedFruits, VALMEDALM, PASTINNOVA, DREAM, AGREEMAR, RESILINK, SUSTEMICROP, SIRAM, AG-WaMED, GreenDriedFruits, REACT4MED, VALMEDALM, SureNexus, DELICIOUS, ADVAGROMED, SEAFENNEL4MED, HaloSheep, Safe-H2O-Farm, SAFE, SureNexus, SALAM-MED, MountainHER, BONEX, SWITCHtoHEALTHY, Mara-Mediterra, PROMEDLIFE, MEDIET4ALL, SAFWA, FrontAg Nexus, FARMS4CLIMATE, SUREPASTOR, CIPROMED, SOILS4MED, OLI4FOOD, CICLICA, Tool4MEDLife, MedInCircle, FUNZYBIO, VALOstones, PROMEDRICE, TELENIRO, OurMed, EcoFuture, PROXIMED, NATMED, OurMED, SHARInG-MeD, Tool4MEDLife, TELENIRO, PAS-AGRO-PAS, InnoSol4Med, NPP SOL, SHARInG-MeD, IM-PACK.

Our coordinator Rafael Casielles from BIOAZUL presented a poster with the main problem and key objectives of BONEX. The primary focus was to showcase the innovative WEFE Nexus solutions developed within BONEX. These solutions include both decision making tools for planners aimed at breaking silos between decision-makers working in different dimensions of the Nexus and innovative technologies with a Nexus perspective (water reuse in irrigation, agrivoltaics, NBS, etc.).

The event provided an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate how BONEX is pioneering solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering collaboration and integrated decision-making across water, energy, food, and environmental sectors. By presenting our methodologies and technologies from a Nexus perspective, we aimed to inspire dialogue and action towards more holistic and sustainable approaches to resource management.


Other of the activities of the WEFE Project Day was organized in the following day on November 22nd where the WEFE4Med project  organized a workshop to initiate a process of co-creation for a community of practice to facilitate knowledge exchange and build capacities. This participatory event counted with more than 70 participants from PRIMA projects where BONEX had the opportunity to join them and all together bring the WEFE concept into practice.

The WEFE4MED project works on fostering the adoption of a Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus approach in the Mediterranean through a Nexus Community of Practice (NCoP) to confront the climatic and environmental challenges facing societies and agro-ecological systems.

Within this objective, some discussions in working groups helped to detect the need to mainstream the WEFE Nexus concept and facilitate its adoption, involve public authorities, transfer results into policies, etc. The project partners will now work hand in hand in order to foster the creation of a community of practice and provide it with services that fill the gaps and needs detected during the co-creation events.

Participating in such a dynamic environment not only broadened our understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the Mediterranean region but also allowed us to establish valuable connections with the PRIMA Secretariat team and other project representatives. These connections are vital for the continued success and impact of projects like BONEX, as they enable collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing across borders.

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