1st BONEX workshop in Morocco

1st BONEX workshop in Morocco

1st BONEX workshop in Morocco

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On January 17th, 2023, The Hassan II Agronomy and Veterinary Institute (IAV, Rabat) held the First Workshop for BONEX project in Souss Massa Basin (Agadir city). The workshop which was organized in collaboration with Regional Office for Agricultural Development (ORMVA) has set itself the objective to assess and develop specific tools, and to improve therefore the practical implementation of the WEFE (water, energy, food, ecosystem) nexus in the basin with the integration of the socio-economic balance and the ecological aspects.

This highly interactive workshop brought 37 participants from several institutions. The approach adopted is a participatory approach carried out according to a cross-vision of all the stakeholders represented by the public administrations in the fields of agriculture, water, energy, the environment, farmers and associations of farmers and water users, the interprofessional organisations, the technology suppliers, researchers, NGOs as well as the civil society and the consumers.

After registration, the welcome Speech by Pr. Abdelaziz ELHRAIKI, Director of IAV and Mr. El Mahdi El ARABI, responsible in ORMVA-SM highlighted the workshop interest, especially in the context of the current climate crisis in Souss Massa bassin. Subsequently, Pr. IMANI Yasmina (IAV) introduced BONEX project for all participants, highlighting therefore the Water-EnergyFood-Ecosystem Nexus and the project’s specific goals. Furthermore, she pointed out the importance of collaborative efforts among various stakeholders for the project’s success. Then, Mr. Lahcen Oulli representative of ORMVA gave a brief presentation of the current situation in the Souss Massa bassin. Finally, Pr. LAHLOU Ouiam (IAV) opened the workshop session by explaining the approach used and the methodology of the day’s work.

The facilitators, Pr. TAIMOURYA Houda, Pr. ENNAMI Mounia, and Pr. KHOUYA Khadija, divided the stakeholders into three heterogenous groups including a combination of institutions. In the first step, Participants reviewed and discussed the WEFE nexus using the variables and sub-variable process, indicating the strengths and shortcomings in each. Development of causal loop diagrams using the important variable and sub-variable was the second activity elaborated by all participants under the coordination of BONEX team.

To conclude the event, the IAV Director made a brief recap of the final output, and the active participation of the 37 attendees. The first Moroccan BONEX workshop was an occasion to gather several institutions and to share the major goals of BONEX project. On the other hand, it was an excellent opportunity to create professional linkages between the involved stakeholders.

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