Ouardanine DP featured in the UNEP Report

Ouardanine DP featured in the UNEP Report

Ouardanine DP featured in the UNEP Report

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Ouardanine DP featured in the UNEP Report “Wastewater – Turning Problem to Solution. Rapid Response Assessment”

Dr. Olfa Mahjoub, the DP coordinator of BONEX in Tunisia, is one of the contributing authors to the recently published report titled “Wastewater – Turning Problem to Solution. Rapid Response Assessment”. The report is produced under the flagship of the Global Wastewater Initiative (GWWI) of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and edited by GRID-Arendal. This report is built upon the one published a decade earlier, titled “Sick water? The central role of wastewater management in sustainable development – A rapid response assessment” (“the Sick Water? report”).

While contributing to various sections of the report, Dr. Mahjoub has featured the Demonstration Project of Ouardanine, Tunisia, through the case study 9, titled “When farmers’ acceptance is challenged by consumers’ buy-in and the quantity and quality of the effluents, Ouardanine, Tunisia”. The case study is emphasizing challenges faced by farmers in relation to the reuse of reclaimed water and the value chain. Noticeably, farmers’ adaptation to the local context is crucial to build their resilience to abiotic factors while awaiting more adequate technical, institutional and regulatory settings.

Through the example of water reuse, BONEX objectives are perfectly aligned with the global objective of resources recovery highlighted in the report, by addressing technical, social, economic, and environmental obstacles of this demonstration project and bringing innovative solutions to support the national, regional and local stakeholders (the community of practice) and to contribute to ensuring the sustainability of the agricultural system under WEFE Nexus.

United Nations Environment Programme (2023). Wastewater – Turning Problem to Solution. A UNEP Rapid Response Assessment. Nairobi. DOI: https://doi.org/10.59117/20.500.11822/43142

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