Boosting Nexus
Framework Implementation
in the Mediterranean

DP Jordan

Wadi Mujib

DP Jordan

The DP is a soilless substrate culture (hydroponics) located in Dhiban area within  Wadi Mujib watershed (central Jordan). Wadi Mujib is a  watershed of 6,727 km2 with an average rainfall of 135 mm (with high variation depending on the location and topography; from 50 mm to 600 mm). Main crops in the region are vegetables and olive trees. Demonstration activities will deliver a smart agricultural technique characterized by saving water, equipped with solar powered drip irrigation and fertigation system adapted to the rural MedReg context improving end-users adoption, market uptake and policy integration of WEFE Nexus in an area that is still at a low level of technology development and sustainable approaches, high poverty rates , and characterized by acute land degradation and very scarce  water resources. Additionally, the DP is being managed by a youth cooperative that was formed by 23 unemployed young men and women.

BONEX WEFeF implementation will spread awareness and foster dialogue to envision more sustainable value chains. NBP will advocate for integration of the rural context in the national energy strategy and the expected modification of the electricity market in Jordan. Besides, this project will introduce water saving technology in agriculture.  

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