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DP Morocco

Souss-Massa basin

DP Morocco

Souss-Massa basin, is the most important agricultural area in terms of exports with 190.000 irrigated ha based on groundwater and large hydraulic infrastructures. The increasing water scarcity is already tackled with managed aquifer recharge, localized irrigation and will be reinforced by a new private public partnership implemented in the Chtouka plain for the use of desalinated water (in 15 000 ha) for irrigation which will be the main technology focus in this DP. DP focuses on the contribution of non-conventional technologies to improving sustainable water use and enhancing water valorisation.

Within BONEX the activities foreseen include the assessment, at farm level and for a selection of high added value products, of the impacts in terms of energy costs, quantity of fertilisers, water needs and irrigation planning and production, of the use of the combination of different water resources irrigation (surface water, aquifer water and desalinated water) as well as best practices for water valorisation, achievement of cost/benefice analysis of the use of desalination water for irrigation. 

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