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DP Tunisia


DP Tunisia

The reclaimed water (RW) irrigated area of Ouardanine belongs to Monastir Governorate, in the center-east of Tunisia. It covers an area of 70 ha where mainly fruit trees (figs, medlar, pears, etc.)  are grown in addition to industrial crops (geranium for steam distillation), and nurseries. The area is irrigated with secondarily treated RW since 1997 and has a global intensification rate of 140% reflecting on the high acceptance of reuse under water scarce conditions.

The area of intervention under BONEX will cover one ha of fig trees under drip irrigation to evaluate and improve water use efficiency and to recover nutrients while optimizing their use and mitigating their impact on the ecological system. This calls for the development of a smart agrometeorological station and the installation of sensors based on IoT for assessing nutrients load in treated wastewater and soil moisture for a better determination of water and fertilizers requirements.

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